When burgeoning rapper Serious Klein met I AM HERE directors Maik Schuster and Max Paschke a while back in Dortmund, Germany, he knew immediately he wanted to film some sort of video with them.

A few years later, and what's come to fruition is The Seed, a meditative, episodic short film about the transitions of growing up — the challenges and temptations.

Filmed over the course of 11 days in Ghana during the first anniversary of the passing of Serious' father, the Iconoclast and Timescope Films-produced feature follows the rapper's little brother, with appearances from his mother, aunt, uncle, and the wider community. The film also includes the performances of his songs, "Junior" and "These Days," from his debut album You Should've Known, out Friday. (STEFFANEE WANG, THE FADER)

Production Company Iconoclast Berlin
Co-Production Timescope films, The Fader

Artist Serious Klein
Director I AM HERE c/o Maik Schuster and Max Paschke
DOP Maximilian Pittner
Editor Max Paschke
Colorist Sofie Borup
Sound Design Dennis Beckmann