Cage - Pretty Face


I had to carry a clear passion and emotional connection around for all my life since I fell in love with making music, knowing I would have to commit to it at some point in my life. When I had the strength to finally try to make money with my music, I had to deal with different experiences in the music Industry. I wrote this song in a moment where I was tired of the same conversations and structures I didn’t want to participate in. I had to protect my little treasure, my childhood curiosity. People wanted me to be somebody else, but my highest good is the authentic art. I think many of you know exactly what I am talking about. This release means a lot to me, and maybe you can also identify with it in your own way.


Cast: Ingo Van Gulijk Director of Photography: Antonia Schäfer 1.AC: Bilal Kulac Gaffer: Kim Hausner Best-Boy: Witalik Malik Production Assistant: Thomas Dahms H&M / SFX- Makeup: Laura Gertz Styling: Mona Ko Ko Oo, Fiona Dörich BTS Photographer: Henk Aaron Edit: Timescope Colorgrading: Act-Hq Typography: Sanel Pelko Production Company: Timescope Films Special Thanks to: Jurij Schwarz Leon Laguna Fiona Dörich Champ