"Only dreams matter. I realised that when I was reflecting on my teenage years; there was a lot going on in my family, added to that were financial problems and finally the turmoil within my adolescent self. I recount that i felt on many occasions my plenty, big, unrealistic dreams were all I seemingly had. They gave me strength. Envisioning myself in a world where I am in charge gave me the energy I needed when I was burned out and feeling weak. I'd think of how 'Pac or Cudi were battling and coming out stronger - and I said to myself: 'if they could do it, I can do it'. So when I'm down low, I tilt my head back, focus on an object in the sky, take a deep breath and envision how I'm turning my dreams into reality and say to myself: 'I can and therefore I will find a way to make it happen, this shit right here is only temporarily'. As I'm nocturnal, the point of focus often tends to be the Moon, as in big cities you don't always get to see the stars. So this is almost like my homage to the 'Man on the Moon' and I'm happy if the music I make can give anyone who's in the position I once was in the same energy, strength & hope." –– Kelvyn Colt


Client BYS
Artist Kelvyn Colt
Director DAVÙD
Role Konzept, Produktion, Edit