PERSISTENCE is an experimental sci-fi short about a group of survivors in a distant world.
After suffering shipwreck they follow a unknown signal and have to fight dark forces on their journey.
When they finally reach the signal’s source it becomes clear that there was never a way out.


Production: Timescope films
Director: Julian Ticona Cuba I NOISE
Producer: David Kilagöz, Johannes Ipfelkofer 
DP: Jens Wirtzfeld
1.AC: Johannes Suntrup
Postproduction: ACHT Studio
3D: Frederick Riekher, Valentin Grünberg,
Lukas Stemmler, Xii Lou

Compositing: Axel Klostermann, Mark Dauth, Calvin Gotta, Julian Ticona Cuba, Giovanni Locantore, Natalia Chow, Oliver Bock, Markus Wellmann, Sascha Wolf, Heiko Leitsch, Daniel Lang
Editor: Dennis Elgert
Colorist : Marina Starke
Postproducer: Maximilian Grumbe
Music: Neighborhood / Health 
VO: Tom O'Bedlam / Song by Allen Ginsberg
Mix & Sounddesign: Noorman Karim
Styling: Kai Dunkel
H&M: Stephanie Bach